Friday, July 21, 2006

Eavesdropping with Matt (Episode Ten)

Dedicated to three generations of movie watchers at the Hollywood Video! Grandma, probably about 60 and a fan of "The Constant Gardener," Mom, aged about 30 and Young Boy, dressed in Superman pajamas and about 4 years old.

Mom: Look at this movie!

Grandma: What is it?

Mom: "Cannibal! She's dying to eat you."

Grandma: That's disgusting.

Mom: We're definitely getting this one.

Grandma: (horrible gagging noises)

Young Boy: I'm Superman.

They went on to rent, yes, "Cannibal". I am glad that the young boy is a super hero and hope his mother doesn't warp him into a villain. I am glad that there seems to be an epidemic of young heroes lately.

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