Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Science-Fiction week at the Burning Hearts Revolution

It's science fiction week at the Burning Hearts Revolution. Okay, well, maybe not sci-fi week, but I *did* post about the coming technology singularity yesterday and that has to count for something. Also, I need an excuse to post the most impressive photo above. Yaaaahooooo! I don't know what the heck it is from, but I do know that I need to see that movie, and I need to see it NOW!

Some friends of mine are doing reviews this week of Christian Fandom, a Christian website that runs reviews, commentary, fan fiction and whatnot of various genres of literature, including, of course, science fiction and fantasy, even horror. I thought a couple of you out there (particularly those out in the middle of India) might find the website interesting, helpful, infuriating, entertaining or the-thing-you-always-wished-for-when-you-wished-on-wishing-stars.

There are a bunch of my buddies writing about the site this week (yes, it's a blog tour my friends) including:

Becky (she's on an angry rampage, watch out!)

Carol Collett

Valerie Comer

Kameron Franklin

Beth Goddard

Rebecca Grabill

Leathel Grody

Karen Hancock

Elliot Hanowski

Katie Hart

Sherrie Hibbs

Sharon Hinck

Pamela James

Tina Kulesa

Shannon McNear

Mirtika Schultz

Stuart Stockton

Speculative Faith

Yup. Blog tour. So, spin the magic needle and see what these bold and fascinating people will say. Or say something yourself. Or maybe you'll get a boring link, who knows? It's like roulette. I know you want to. Go ahead and click on one, it's fine. Go! GO AND THEN REPORT BACK TO ME, MY MINIONS!

Seriously, get out of here.

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