Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Leader's Thoughts on Leadership #2

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to "A Leader's Thoughts on Leadership #1", I thought I would dust off another of my prized leadership insights for you to reflect on, consider and adopt as your own:

A leader should never say, "I am sorry you are so stupid."

I know what you are asking yourself right now. And the answer is: No, not even if they are very, very stupid.


  1. Bro when you emcee this week (and I do want you to) you got to say these "Leaders Thoughts on Leadership" Calssic!

  2. Anonymous5:02 AM

    Is there any hope for me, oh yoda of leaders? I can't stop saying this. Actually, I thought it was a big improvement that I started including the, "I am sorry" part of that sentence, which I never used to say.

  3. Mmmmmmm. Hope for you there is.