Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How I feel today

I feel as if I am preparing for a journey on foot. There is sadness for things that must be left behind, but joy in the road stretching out ahead.

I sense that a half-filled rucksack sits by the door, a few provisions stacked inside, a few more on the kitchen counter.

I expect the path will wind down through the cool dark of unexplored caverns, and that the reward will not be increased knowledge, but a sense of awe, an increase in wonder.

There are sparks of coming transformation thick in the air. There is uncertainty about the destination, but trust in the guide.

I am told that the journey will not end in a cavern, but will wind somehow to a tower overlooking the sea.

But mostly there is a feeling of anticipation, of embracing this path like an old friend, and the comforting discomfort of the road.


  1. Then down in one of those canyons you find a drunk monkey right?!!!