Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pharmaceutical Madness

Z has a bacterial infection on her eyelids, which means that I took a journey to the pharmacy today. The pharmacist did not inspire confidence.

Pharmacist: Your daughter will need to take this medicine once every eight hours.

Me: Hmm. So, do I have to wake her up in the middle of the night?

Pharm: No. Give it to her once in the morning when she wakes up, once at night before she goes to bed, and once eight hours after she gets up. You shouldn't have to wake her up.

Me (doing math in my head) -- Let's see, she gets up at seven. Eight hours later it's three in the afternoon, so that's just after school. Eight hours after that is eleven at night. This is not going to work.

Pharm (seeing my confused look): FINE, okay, there's some leeway. Six to ten hours is the window you're looking for.

Me: My daughter goes to bed and doesn't get up for twelve hours...

Pharm: You don't have to wake her up.

Me: Okay.

Next, he introduced the topical cream for putting on her eyelid.

Pharm: When you put this in her eyes, her vision will become blurry. So don't let her run out on the playground while her eyes are blurry.

Me: But... the cream isn't going to actually be put on her eyes, right? Just on her eyelids.

Pharm: Uh, right. But it can be used on the eyes themselves. So if it gets in her eyes, don't worry. But her vision will be blurry after that.

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