Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Thankful Day

The day after Thankgiving is usually when we go out and buy our Christmas tree. But since we're still out having fun with the fam we did some different stuff. We planned to go hiking up to a lake, but the road was closed due to snow. So here's us out on the road:

We also sent the kids racing down the side of the road (Shasta found a too-steep hill and pushed the kids down while no one was watching). Here's a picture of A snagging some air:

Tonight we went to see the Victorian Carolers, the tree lighting and the arrival of Santa Claus here at Sun River Lodge. It was a pretty dramatic affair, complete with fireworks, a parade and a dog fight. It was great and we had a lot of fun walking through the dark, lit only by luminarias.


  1. That is an AWESOME picture! I'm hoping for snow here soon in Minnesota. I think our kids think we were lying to them when we told them what winter in MN would be like. So far it's been downright balmy.

  2. I should have warned you this day would come. All those nights you read Harry Potter to your daughters and now one flies. Next thing you know Z will be turning you into a Newt