Saturday, November 01, 2008

And the Winner is...

Lots of interesting costumes came by last night. Apparently the "corpse bride" is reasonably common among young women these days. A lot fewer Supergirls this year. I saw a couple of Iron Mans. Iron Men? There was one guy who had to be twenty-five dressed up as a plumber. He used a fake Indian accent for some inexplicable reason. Of course there were some animals, princesses, army men and (brrrrrr) zombies. Ninjas. Our kids were a fairy princess and a rabbit.

But there was one group of kids who so perfectly captured the spirit of the season, that I think I would give them the prize for Best Traditional Halloween Spirit Costume. It was a group of teenagers who were clearly too old to be going out for Halloween. They didn't wear costumes at all. They boldly walked up to houses, rang the doorbell and defiantly stared down the people who lived there and said, "Trick or treat." They held out their backpacks instead of candy bags. People filled them quickly and without question. One kid was carrying toilet paper, as if to subtly remind us what "trick or treat" really means.

Well done, strange but powerful little teenagers. I wish we had more holidays where you could cajole and threaten people into giving you things. But alas, this month we have Thanksgiving coming. You had best get ready to be grateful for what you've been given.