Sunday, November 23, 2008

News From My Neighborhood

Missing: One Farmer. While walking around the neighborhood, Krista and I came upon a wandering farmer. We assume someone is missing him and would like him to come home and drive the tractor. He is tall, Caucasian, white hair and is wearing the traditional red hat and jean overalls. As I recall he said, "Hi" to us. Please contact me if you need further information.

Helmets Perfectly Designed for Upsetting Your Mother. On the same walk, as we came down a hill and turned toward another neighborhood a kid zoomed by on his bicycle, doing wheelies. He had no helmet on. He did have a helmet, but it was attached to his backpack. Which we could see as he continued to do wheelies down the street.

Houdini Dog... Unleashed? Also on this walk, we noticed one of the neighbor's dogs sniffing around the yard in one of Houdini Dog's favorite areas to deliver packages. I went over to the dog (a little blonde yapper) and it immediately started growling at me and walking backwards. I decided to leave the dog alone, come back from the walk and see what deed he had done, cementing his identity. However, upon my return there was no excretory evidence of his presence. Which brought me to this question... was the dog actually Houdini Dog, and, aware that I was aware of his presence he cleverly avoided leaving those tell tale signs of his passing? Or could it be that he is some sort of Dog equivalent to a Police Inspector, doing his best to capture and prosecute Houdini Dog? Sneaky, sneaky Houdini Dog. I'll catch you next time, my pretty.

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  1. Matt, I lost a farmer once that fits that description. Trouble is, I really needed him and figured he was gone for good, so I got a new one. The new one is a little better than the one I lost, so if you don't have another one and could use a slightly used farmer - feel free to keep him.