Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

I just want to celebrate another year of living.

New Year's Resolution: Eat more, exercise less. Because there has to be a balance.

It was a good New Year's event. Memorable moments:

1) John Rozzelle and "Pops" the puppet making up after a big fight and singing "That's What Friends Are For" to one another.

2) A powerful message from Crawford Loritts. You can see it for yourself below. If you watch carefully you can see me sneaking away before he gets started. (UPDATE: Rumors reach me that the embedded video below isn't working, so you can also check it out here).

3) A kiss from my wife at midnight.

4) As I walked from the hotel back to the conference center to rock in the New Year with the band Eightsweek, a drunken reveler hung out of a window in an apartment building. He brandished in one hand a bottle of champagne. I said happy new year to him, and he happily hoisted his bottle and shouted, "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" I politely said no thanks and he said, "C'MON, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND I WILL POUR CHAMPAGNE IN IT!" No, thanks. "OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" He demanded. I gave his window a wide berth. He called a disappointed happy new year after me and returned to his party.

5) Watching 600 people face off in a Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. The winner gave perhaps the finest victory speech I have heard in recent history when he thanked "My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Master Illusionist Kriss Angel, and my Mom." It was arguably one of the greatest moments of the conference.

Overall, a very fine New Year.


  1. 3 important questions:

    how come your google video doesn't work?

    how come i never got those bible lesson recordings from the summer?

    when are u leaving for thailand?

  2. 1) I dunno.

    2) Um. The files are too big. I can copy the cd and send it via snail mail if you send me your address.

    3) January 14 I think.