Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last Full Day at the Beach

Today is our last full day at the beach. We're planning to go to Ao Nang and then take a boat across to another beach. It should be fun. We're so completely over jet lag that the thought of going back to America seems harder than setting up a new home here.

I know what you're thinking, "It's about time Mikalatos got off the beach and back to his usual shenanigans so I can feel superior and powerful whenever I read his blog, instead of feeling jealous."

Perhaps this will make you feel better: Yesterday I caught a lizard to show to the kids. Then it jumped onto my hand, ran up my arm, leapt from my collar to my neck and then ran down my shirt. The children nearly broke themselves laughing. I had to take my shirt off to rid myself of the lizard.

MORAL: If a giant ever catches you, run into his clothing.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I've been enjoying the travelogue from Thailand. I was in YWAM in '91, and did my outreach in Thailand. It is the site for my novel in progress. So it is always a treat to see photos from there and hear new stories. Hope your trip continues to be blessed!