Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Feast For A King

As you can see, the King does not have to comb his hair before dinner. NO! In fact, he doesn't have to put on a shirt unless he really wants to. He can do whatever he wants.

Here you can see me about to feast upon home-made Thai goodness. We were ordering out but the women who work here said it would be much cheaper if we just let them make it for us. So we do, which means we're a little less certain what will show up each night. But it has been excellent. Yes, that is a giant pile of satay you see before me. ITS NAME IS SATAY!

Tonight we had satay, cashew chicken, a thick noodle dish similar to rad nah with beef (one theory is that the head of the slaughtered cow we saw today was the remnants of what was necessary for making our dinner), steamed vegetables and then for dessert we had mango sticky rice, jack fruit, coconut cream with corn and then ice cream. We all ate too much and have plenty for lunch tomorrow.

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