Thursday, January 03, 2008

Video Games and Why We Play Them

Today we spent 12 hours in the car with the kid and Krista's parents, driving to California for my sister's wedding.

Here's my favorite comment from the day (that I was awake for, anyway). It happened while the kids were taking turns playing games on Krista's iPod.

Z: I killed all the guys who were parachuting down at my gun! I beat the game!

A: You killed the parachute guys? I thought you were supposed to try *not* to kill them!

I love that A's instinctual thought when playing a new game is that she should be trying to save the lives of people parachuting toward her gun. Why she is shooting a gun at all must be a bit of a mystery to her, though.


  1. When they are old enough, Laura will be happy to take them for some target practice. ~KOOP

  2. I love that A was trying to protect them! Atta girl.