Saturday, January 26, 2008

His name is SATAN!

Z reads pretty much everything put in front of her these days. You can't leave her alone in a room with books or she will curl up somewhere and shut out everything except the world of the book. You can see in the previous post that she falls asleep each night reading.

Right now she's reading "Son of the Black Stallion" and she asked me to get it for her to read before she went to sleep. I went to get it and noticed as I walked past the pool that the tagline read, "His name is SATAN!"

Well, that's curious, I thought. So I asked Z, why is the black stallion's colt named Satan?

She's not sure. The colt has fiery eyes, but she doesn't think that's the reason.

I guess this is why parents start reading their kids books before the kids read them. I don't have time to read that many books. I'm sure Son of the Black Stallion is fine, I just thought that was an uproariously funny tagline.

It would be a great tagline for our sequel blog:


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