Thursday, January 24, 2008


We reunited with the kids and our parents today in Bangkok... played in the pool, ate, rode on a plane and arrived at our isolated luxury house in Krabi. We're probably the only foreigners for about 20 kilometers, and there is pretty much nothing nearby. But it's gorgeous. Our beach chairs look out on giant freestanding rocks in the bay, and fishermen check their nets as the sun sets. There's a little pool in the center of the house area, and each of the bedrooms is arranged around it in seperate rooms. We were a little concerned about how isolated it seemed out here, but then on a whim I checked for a wireless signal, and there it is. So I guess that we can contact english-speaking civilization for help if we need it. Watch this space for desperate cries for help. :)

I think it's going to be great, actually. Really relaxing and fun, and it's great to be together with my parents and Krista's parents and the kids. It's a great blessing to have parents that all like each other.

In other news, our daughter A lost her first tooth tonight. She called me to say it had turned sideways in her mouth, I reached in and plucked it out and there was much rejoicing. She's officially growing up, I guess, and that little missing-tooth grin we've come to consider normal for Z seems to be catching!

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