Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thanks for the advice, buddy

In the inevitable rush out of the house this morning we forgot our electrical adaptor for our overseas trip. Since electronic devices explode near me anyway, we thought it would be wise to buy an international adaptor so that we would have some sort of device to blame instead of assuming it was me.

The friendly clerk pointed out the different models to me.

Friendly Clerk: -- personally this one is my favorite. It has more parts but less moving parts if that makes sense. This is the one I would buy.

Me: Then I will buy it.

We move to the cash register and perform our well-practiced ballet of purchase.

Friendly Clerk: Where ya going? Somewhere fun?

Me: Thailand.

Friendly Clerk: That is fun. Of course, anywhere I haven't been is fun.

Me: So you haven't been to Thailand, then?

Friendly Clerk: No! I've hardly traveled at all. In fact, I've never traveled outside of the United States.

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