Friday, May 26, 2006

Parental Humor 101

As you always expected, there really are little training times for parents on how to make those really good parental jokes. Here's a recent example from our family as we are driving in the car:

Z: I want a pinata at my next birthday party. I never get a pinata.

Me: Why do you want a pinata?

Z: Because they are full of toys and candy.

Me: I see. Well, we will get you a pinata next year but it will be full of broccoli. Ha ha ha!

Yup, the traditional "I'm going to give you broccoli instead of candy" joke. It works every time. Try it!


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    The sad thing is that they will have clear memories of ACTUALLY getting a brocoli-filled pinata and will tell their therapist about it. They will be convinced that you never, ever gave them toys and candy on their birthday, just broccoli - or maybe other things they didn't like. That's the sad thing.
    Not to discourage you or anything.

  2. Oh. But I *am* going to give her a broccoli-filled pinata. Then she will just remember it as a joke. Right?