Saturday, May 27, 2006

Example 3: The Vow for REVENGE

Big Chin and Young Ingenue, exhausted and glad to have finally defused all of the atom and hydrogen bombs (the yellow wire! Cut the yellow wire!) at last stop at a roadside diner for a snack. Evil Bad Guy is still on the loose, though. He is evil!

Chin: I am so glad to have something to eat. Mmm, that chicken smells good! I will take a drumstick.

Ingenue: I will eat a fried snickers bar, because in real life I am allowed to eat only one bite of peas a day.

Chin: This is good chicken! I don't get to eat this stuff very often because it upsets Plucky, my pet chicken. Waitress, where did you get this chicken?

Waitress: Some evil guy came and gave it to us... for free! Can you believe that?

Chin (realization is dawning on him): PLUUUUUUUUUCKYYYYYYYYYYY! Evil Bad Guy, my upraised fist is clenched against you! A single tear is streaming from my eye!

(NOTE: If Harrison Ford is playing Chin, it is okay to replace the upraised fist with a dangerously wielded pointer finger)

Ingenue: I am moved by this open display of Chin's emotions. He is so full of depth.

Chin: This I swear... I will find you Evil Bad Guy... find you and KILL YOU! And I also promise never to allow this horrible moment to keep me from eating chicken in the future!

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