Friday, May 12, 2006

Classy Dates that Make You Money

No, it doesn't involve donating blood!

Mom and Dad took the kids tonight. Thanks, folks!

Then K and I gathered up all of our books that we are done reading.

Then we went to have Lebanese food in Portland. Yum! We started with hummus and then I got lamb with feta and tahini and Krista got something we had never heard of before that involved rice, eggplant, yogurt and lamb. It was good but I have no idea what it was called. And of course some baklava (still waiting to be eaten). Total price for a nice dinner at this restaurant: $41 (including tip). But it was worth it.

After dinner we went on a hike in Forest Park which is, incidentally, the largest forested city park in the United States. A nice time was had by all.

After our hike we went to Powell's City of Books, which is the world's largest independently owned book store. At Powell's we unloaded all of our books that we had brought along and were paid $60 (cash). We then used part of that $60 to buy "100 hikes in northwest oregon and southwest oregon" ($16.95). Leaving us with $43.05. Now, subtract the $41 from dinner and that leaves us with $2.05. But then I bought the latest issue of Street Roots from the homeless woman on the way out. Which leaves us with a net profit of $1.05 for the evening!

Overall, a really fun time with my favorite person.


  1. Matt, this would be a "conversation foul" dubbed by the Serbia STINT team, meaning talking about the amazing things that we miss in the US but can't have anytime soon. Ethnic foods! Green parks! Powells! And homeless people who make sense when they talk to you! Ah Portland. How I miss thee.

  2. AH...powells and a walk through the park. Super jealous, and I'm planning to borrow that book next time I am up. Hiking anyone?