Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting our Letterman tickets

Special thanks to the friendly Kate at CBS who kept calling us back until we actually connected on the phone so that she could give us our tickets. Once we finally connected this morning, Kate had to ask my a trivia question to make sure Krista and I were worthy to enter into the presence of the Great Letterman.

Our trivia question: Where does Rupert G work?

I totally aced it.

We're going to be at the show on Thursday, when John McCain is scheduled to appear. Last time he didn't show and Dave was not happy. Here's a clip from that night:

I told Kate to let Dave know that if McCain was busy again on Thursday, that I would be glad to fill his slot, even at the last minute. She said she was sure that Dave would be glad to know I was available.

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  1. Bro I was in his audience 20 years ago almost to the day. Albeit it was NBC Studios at Rockfeller Plaza. Jane Pauley & Bruno Kirby were the guests and there was a competition between a podiatrist and a shoe salesman to see who remove shoes of audience members the fastest.

    If Sen McCain shows, tell him I said 'hi'. But remember if you get a pic with him that you can't post it on your blog because our lawyers fear that this would say The Burning Hearts revolution and therefore corporate supports him. Your support could sway your vast readership and throw this election on its heels.