Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today at the Portland Zoo

One of the great things about the Portland Zoo is how close you can get to the leopards. They make you rub the kids in broccoli and turnips so that the Big Cats think they are vegetables. Perfectly safe.

My kids may like this sign better than almost anything at the zoo. You can compare your wingspan with that of several large birds. Or stand in front of it and make faces and vague wing-like gestures.

In addition to my own kids (Z and A) we took cousin J along. J asked if he could take some pictures during the bird show. So we got about eight pictures that J took of his own face, plus a couple of the ground, the sky, an advertisement, and so on.

He also got this shot of the girls, which I think captures their inner selves pretty well. You can tell that A (on the left) is weighing J in her mind and has made a firm opinion and Z is demanding that he give her the camera.

And, in what was perhaps the creepiest moment of the day, the zoo handed out free meerkat masks. They didn't have holes for the eyes at all, which meant that I had three essentially blind meerkats to guide back to the car. Plus, they kept creeping me out every time I looked at them.

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