Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stint Briefing

A few of you have written asking how the stint briefing in Colorado went. I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who prayed for our time together. I spent part of the day today going through the feedback forms and they're very encouraging.

I couldn't possibly walk through the whole week here... and I was way too tired to blog each night before I went to sleep.

But, I can say this: The Bible teaching went really well. A lot of people shared about God speaking to them in very profound and clear ways during either the talks or the prayer times around them. In the next couple of weeks I'll get them posted somewhere so that you can listen to them. I know that's what you all want... a little bit of Matt on your iPod.

Here's a picture of the tent we met in. It's called the summer Pavillion, but we like to call it the Tent of Meeting, just like Moses. We go in there expecting to meet with God.

Also contributing greatly to the spiritual tone of things were Carolyn "Too Good For A Blog" Culbertson, who led us in praying often and well. She really kept our focus on staying in communication with Christ while we talked about following him.

And then there was Tifah and her soon-to-be-renamed band. I'm not sure if it's official yet, so we'll just leave it at Tifah, right? These guys are immensely gifted. I told them this week that I was glad I was their friend right now so that one day when they are famous I could buy my fifty dollar balcony tickets and shake my fist at the stage and say I knew them when they were not famous. Tifah replied by saying, "The balcony seats will be at least $150." Pretty funny, that Tifah. I really enjoyed hanging out with these five.

Anyway, these guys do an amazing job leading in worship. They aren't focused on themselves, and aren't pushing or promoting themselves. If you're looking for a band for a worship night or an outreach, I can heartily recommend them. Drop me a line and I'll get you in touch with them.


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  2. Anonymous2:16 AM

    I think you forgot to say: "The best part of the week, by far, was meeting a cool, funny, amazing girl named Dorothy. She reads my blog, which some think is stalkerish, but I think it's quite flattering."

    If you're wondering about that deleted comment, it wasn't her.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    No way! I don't need anyone to teach me that people are sneaky. Besides, I have nothing to hide...nothing on my blog to hide, that is. I was actually wondering about PR issues. Maybe that's a sillier reason. Ah well.