Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Can Do Hebrew

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but I am taking a Hebrew class starting in September. I am, to tell the truth, a little frightened. I just got my books today and, well, I can't even read them. It reminds me of my first overseas language class.

It doesn't help that the syllabus has statements like: "Remember, lots of people have studied Biblical Hebrew; they weren't all smarter than you" and "Just keep reminding yourself how fortunate you are to learn Biblical Hebrew. Not everyone has that privelege."

Anyway, I went to this site and felt a little better about it. It seemed not-so-hard and some of the insights are really interesting (I particularly liked the section on parallelism and "block logic"). Go kick around and see what you can dig up.


  1. It's been a month since I could visit your blog. Apparently there was a blanket block on several blogs after a terrorist attack last month. But we're back in business today.

    I figured I'd comment on this post since I took Biblical Hebrew in college. I walked into the class the first day and I was the only non-Jewish person there. Worse - they had all had at least 6 years of Hebrew already (Hebrew School) and could read and write it.

    Well, it was a long 4 years of me doing catch up. I try not to think about it.

  2. You are really giving me a bright ray of sunshiny hope here, Rebecca!

    It is nice to know, however, that my blog is being censored in India and China.

    If I can get it censored in Canada, that would be a real trick.