Monday, August 07, 2006

A Leader's Thoughts on Leadership #4

A leader must be flexible. For instance, if you are camping and realize you have forgotten your sleeping bag, a suitable replacement can be made by putting a few ducks or geese into a large garbage bag. So warm!


  1. You should make sure they are dead first. If not, they can make too much noise and wreck any flexible leader's ability to get enough beauty sleep. Oh, sorry! Am I giving away Leadership tip #5??

  2. You are nuts! Why kill the geese when you could just put them in the bag with you? Just to get a good night's sleep? INSANITY!

    Besides, in my experience the geese calm down relatively quickly.

    Anyone else out there have experience with live-geese-makeshift-sleeping-bags?

  3. Not geese, but one time when I was stranded out in the tundra up in the Great White North country, I was faced with two choices. 1. Cuddle up and sleep with a grizzly bear or 2. die in the freezing night. I chose the former.

    We actually got into a pretty good conversation. And he told me he met a guy who climbed into a bag with ducks. They kept him awake half the night laughing. The bear said this guy was a real quack up.