Friday, August 11, 2006


Twice during my fast the Lord and I had words about transition. Part of the purpose of this fast, I believe, was to help me recapture some discipline in my life to prepare for some coming transitions.

The three major areas we discussed were work, family and writing. I guess I need a "w" word for "family". Feel free to brainstorm in the comments section. At the same time, all three of the coming transitions are, I think, positive ones. But greater discipline on my part will be necessary. Follow along with me:

Work. Pretty soon here I am going to get a new co-worker. We call them "ARD"s. Who is it? There's no one officially lined up at all. When will this happen? Not sure. BUT, when it does, it will require transition. This will be hugely positive and will impact my life, family and work in a major way. But it will still require some change, some shuffling of responsibilities, some new lessons in working together with other human beings.

Family. K and I have been talking for a while about having a third kid. There is no news to announce, meaning there is no baby on the way right now. But will there be another little Mikalatos in the next 18 months? We'd like to think so. Again, huge, positive transition.

Writing. I believe that the Lord is asking me to take my seriousness toward writing up a notch, to really try to move from being an amateur toward being a professional writer (not vocational, don't panic, I'm definitely not leaving my job).

Anyway, add that all together and there's an increased need in my life for discipline. How do I keep doing what I'm doing, get more serious about writing, have a baby and pour energy into new working relationships? Well, you just figure out a way. Maybe other things have to give, but maybe also you learn to get up a little earlier, you learn to get healthier physically so you have more endurance. Or, you know, you ditch everything, learn to juggle, join a circus and run far, far away. Which is, I guess, an option, though I'm not sure that my daughters are quite ready to learn to juggle. Maybe they could ride unicycles or something.


  1. I thought long and hard about this one... and the best "w" words I could come up with for family were:
    -way-back peeps
    -wind beneath my wings

    it's your choice

  2. Little known fact about me: I own a unicycle. If your girls need to borrow it for a while, I will gladly donate it.... but I am not in favor of you all running off anywhere.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am encouraged.

  3. If it was just the kids I guess I could go for "whelps".

    I have to say "weal" is the frontrunner for me right now.

    And it's nice to know you have a unicycle, Cheryl. Is it in St. Pete?

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    i don't know, way-back peeps is pretty good.