Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pop Culture Speaks!

Dave over at faith*in*fiction had a post today that was about some other guy's post from his blog. Which makes us the third generation.

Anyway, I thought Dave's ending was a classic of modern literature. He had a little paragraph that just made me happy. Here it is:

I don't really have any point here. I guess it just seems like another example of how we're all shouting at each other in various and sundry ways. "Christ is Lord!" "Our planet is doomed!" "Cowboys can be gay!" "$#&%# Bush!" "We love penguins!"

Ha ha! Let me add: "Superman can be destroyed by a school boy crush!" "Pirates are relatively nice and certainly nicer than supernatural sea creatures!"


  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    this vaguely reminds me of a sign out in front of a used car lot that i saw yesterday - it had the name of the car lot, and on the marquee underneath it read, "Christ is Lord! Buy and pay here, we speak Spanish."

  2. Heh heh heh. I like it.