Friday, August 04, 2006

Kids Jokes

Z, A and their cousin J made up chicken jokes while we were driving to the beach today. They're pretty different.

Z: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: Because there was poop in his way?
Z: Because there was a branch on the sidewalk!

A: Why did the chicken cross the poopy poop?
Z: Because the poop was really made out of jelly?
A: Yes!

Z: J, did you think that was a funny joke?
J: yes.
Z: Then why aren't you laughing?
J: Because this is my favorite show.

J's comment was followed by insane and lengthy laughter from all the children. I am worried that they are more clever than me and that I just don't get the joke.


  1. I thought you said about the XTrackers skit, "I am never on the outside of an inside joke. I always get it."

  2. I only said that because I didn't realize there was anyone reading this blog who had a photgraphic memory.

  3. i still think they're just smarter than you ...