Sunday, August 27, 2006

Burly Man Works in His Yard

I spent a great part of today digging in my back yard. I was pleased to see frogs hopping all over the place. Pretty big ones, too!

Anyway, I needed to work on the rototiller I was using for a minute, so I pulled my gloves off and set them on the ground and did the Manly work that needed doing... I can't remember what it was exactly. Then I pulled my gloves on and felt something firm but slimy in the thumb of my right glove and I pulled it off FAST and threw the glove and--I figured this out about the time the glove flew off--the frog through the air.

I yelled aloud what I think people of all genders and cultures throughout time have said upon unexpectedly discovering a frog in their gloves: "Nnnnyyyaaaaagh!"

Lessons I have learned today:

1) Frogs think that gloves look like inviting caves.

2) Fingers think that frogs feel like slimy scariness when they are taken by surprise.

3) Frogs can FLY!

4) If I ever discover a rattlesnake in my sleeping bag, my reflexes are just fine.

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