Thursday, August 03, 2006


Earthquakes are not a nice way to wake up. We just had a 3.3 earthquake, epicentered about nine kilometers from our house.

More details tomorrow, I mostly came downstairs just to make sure it was actually an earthquake and not, you know, an elephant leaning against the house.


  1. We don't have earthquakes in St. Petersburg. In fact, the sun always shines in St. Pete (or so Roy Christians says). Sometimes it is not visible due to the tilt of the earth and the cloud cover, but it always shines! We would love to welcome the Mikalatos Clan to the Venice of the North!!!

  2. fun!! not expected in that part of the country though. will call you soon!

  3. Leaning elephants are such a nuisance in Vancouver, I know.

    Have fun at the beach this weekend!

  4. We also had a leaning elephant that was 4.4 about ten miles from the house last weekend. BTW, this is in CA