Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lyrics by Z and A

My kids are clustered behind a rocking chair right now playing with empty rubber dresses from those little tiny dolls you can get nowadays. Yessiree, didn't have anything like them in my day.

Anyway, they are singing a lot of songs. Songs that they have made up (of course) like:

"Santa is going to jail next Christmas" (repeat phrase 20x)
"The goldfish is swimming away from us" (repeat phrase 20x)
"Holy night to you! Holy night to you!" (repeat)

These kids are geniuses I am telling you! I wish I had written songs like that when I was a little kid.

I asked the kids why Santa was going to jail, incidentally, and they just laughed at me. "It's just pretend!" they said. As if Santa would really be going to jail.... ha ha ha.

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