Friday, February 03, 2006

"Does whatever a spider can"...changes clothes and everything

As many of you know (it's not a secret, okay?) I used to work at a comic book shop. For a long time. In fact, I would still be there if I hadn't been so keen to marry Krista.

Anyway, as if you care, I wanted you to know that Spider-Man is getting a new costume. Yeah, that's right. And if there's anything guaranteed to get everyone all worked up in the comic book fanboy world it's a new costume. There's just something about super-heroes actually changing their fashion sense that drives everyone crazy. So, anyway. Consider yourself a geek now that you read this whole post.


  1. After you came back you just inundated your blog with so many posts I just didn't know how to respond.

    anyway, I was bitten by a spider in my sleep this week. Yes, I woke up and found two small teeth-like marks on my leg. Then a bruise started to develop as the days passed. And this morning I saw that a spider when I was changing, so I KILLED IT with gladness.

    The strange thing is that my reflexes are a lot faster now, and I can climb walls with relative ease. Does that mean I have to wear spandex now?

  2. Hmmm. That's funny because I injected myself with some super soldier serum that seems to have bifurcated my personality and makes me want to wear a goblin mask and throw bombs into crowds.

    As to the other stuff, well, I had blog withdrawal. Also, I wanted to make sure there was something for Dan to do when he got back from Thailand.