Saturday, February 11, 2006


My friend Andy's site had one of those quizzes. His was "find out what theologian you are." As it turns out I am JURGEN MOLTMAN! Yes, that's right! Now that's funny. It was a tie-breaker with him and Augustine.

You scored as Jurgen Moltmann. The problem of evil is central to your thought, and only a crucified God can show that God is not indifferent to human suffering. Christian discipleship means identifying with suffering but also anticipating the new creation of all things that God will bring about.

Which theologian are you?
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  1. Anonymous3:19 PM


  2. Yes, this Fall I couldn't even pronounce his name and now... now I *am* him!

  3. Distressingly enough I'm apparently John Calvin. I find this distressing not because I disagree with Calvin, necessarily, but mostly because I wouldn't have put myself on one of the polarized ends of the theological spectrum like that.

    Though, to be honest, I'm sure very few people would be surprised to find my on a polarized end of anything...

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I'm told that Calvin wasn't a five-point Calvinist. He was a little less extreme than some who have adopted his name.

  5. Yeah, that makes me feel *some* better.

    It's still kinda like being compared to Marx, though - whether Marx believed what Marxists promote or not the label still carries connotations...