Friday, March 30, 2012

This totally happened to me tonight

'Free Souls Embrace Creative Commons' photo (c) 2006, D. Sharon Pruitt - license: dropped Z off for her first middle school overnight retreat. My parent's church is taking their 5th graders to the "Word Tour" in Portland tonight.

When I dropped Z off at the church, we went into the wrong building at first. The correct building was across the parking lot, so as we walked I slipped my hand over hers. We walk like this all the time... on the way to school, shopping at the grocery store, wherever.

She saw some of the other kids across the parking lot, then slipped her hand out of mine to push her hair back over her ear, then moved her bag from her left hand into her right so that I couldn't hold her hand anymore. That's the first time she's ever let go of my hand because of other kids being around.


It made me a little sad that she's growing up. On the other hand, I was both thankful and surprised that she had been so subtle and kind about it.

How about you? Got any stories about your kids growing up and how that changed things for you? Or about growing up yourself?


  1. Middle school? I remember when my daughter was two years old and we were walking in a shopping mall. She didn't want me to hold her hand and I told her that she had to hold my hand so she din't get lost. She then lifted her hands up in front of me and held one hand with the other, sort of a "I can hold my own hand, I don't need yours Dad!"

    Did I say she was two years old?

  2. Ha ha ha. Wow. Nice one. Thanks for sharing!