Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Break Week 2 starts today!

Big Break is gearing up again. I think this week may be a bigger one as far as number of students on the beach. My neighbors already dropped by to see if I wanted to come over, hang out, and drink. I think they were surprised to discover that I am an old man. They apologized for "disturbing" me. I told them it was no problem and we had a quick conversation. Anyway, they drank quietly, and I sat here in my apartment doing old man things, like complaining to myself about how expensive the world has become and how much it cost to get a gallon of gasoline when I was a child.

Anyway, there's a big difference on the beach between the Cru students and the students who have come here to party (no surprise there). I was impressed this last week with the respect, care and patience our students showed on the beach... not forcing spiritual conversations, but inviting people into them and showing real concern and interest in the lives of others.

It was amazing how many conversations our students had... nearly 4,000 spiritual conversations, with a little over 1,600 of those going into what we would call a "full" gospel presentation. 124 people said they wanted to become followers of Jesus as a result. Overall, it was an amazing week, and we had a lot of fun, too. I'm looking forward to this week to see what will happen! AND my wife and kids come tomorrow, which will be great!

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