Friday, March 09, 2012

Important Spider-Man trivia to keep you safe from rabid Spider-Man Grammar Police

What with the new Spider-Man movie coming out, there are a lot of people talking about our friendly neighborhood Webhead. Since I care about YOU, the potentially brand-new-to-Spider-Man reader here at BHR, I thought it would be important to point out this little bit of punctuation-related trivia about Spider-Man's name: his name is Spider-hyphen-Man. Spider-Man. Not Spiderman. And if you get it wrong, geeks across the internet will make fun of you. Comics geeks and grammar geeks and (gasp of horror) Comics-Grammar-Geeks. The sort of people who like to write blog posts that say, "I found a mistake on the Internet."

 I know, I know, this probably shakes your world to the core and has you wondering, "What about Bat-Man or Super-Man? How deep does this particular grammar hole go?" Allow Geekdom to help you with this lovely piece of art from Cathy Leamy:

Why is this important now? Because this July Hollywood is re-setting the Spider-Man franchise with a new movie, starting out at the beginning with young Peter Parker in high school and his (original) girlfriend Gwen Stacy back in the picture. It actually looks pretty good. Check it out:


  1. ...Does that mean we're going to have to see him get bitten by a radioactive spider again?

    We must repeat the origin story every. single. time. 'Cause, you know, there might be someone somewhere in the English-speaking world who doesn't know it already. ::sigh::

    Sorry, that's one of my soapbox issues right there.

  2. As I recall, in the last relaunch he was bit by a genetically engineered spider. Ha ha ha.

    It's just that they're always trying to hit that same 18 to 24 year old audience. Requires a relaunch every couple of years. :)