Friday, January 28, 2011

Where We Are and What We Are Doing There

Today Krista and I are climbing on a rocket ship that will fly us straight to Nerja, Spain. Once a year we have a midyear conference for many of our one-year international interns (we call them stinters) in Campus Crusade for Christ.

Krista and I and many of our co-workers will be coming together to help coach our stinters.  For most of them, this is their first year as full-time missionaries, and for some of them it's their first time overseas, too.  We coach them about how to love their team well, how to stay focused in their relationship with God, how to engage in culture well and how to keep moving forward in their ministries.  It's a really fun time, actually.  This time of year is often the low point emotionally and spiritually for our stinters, and it's great to be able to engage with them and help renew their vision, help them find spiritual refreshment, and hear about their lives and ministry. I'll also be the Bible teacher for the week, which will be a lot of fun. For me, at least.

We always enjoy these midyears, although they are honestly harder work than you would think... intense, emotional meetings hearing about people's troubles, conflicts, lives and ministries multiple times a week while you're struggling with jet lag can wear you out. At the same time, we get to be with a lot of our good friends and we absolutely love the stinters... they're the sort of people who keep us doing our job.

Anyway, we'd appreciate your prayers this week, if you're the praying kind of person. Muchas gracias.


  1. Wish I could be there hanging with y'all. Hope you have a good time in Nerja

  2. pongboy3:09 PM

    looks like a beautiful turquoise coast. Will there be any snorkeling involved? I will pray for good "fishers of men." (or just good fish!) :)