Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here's what offends the American Church

I'm not sure when certain portions of the American church became so thin-skinned, but you probably already heard recent news that a campaign was started to get a Super Bowl ad banned from a Doritos competition because it was supposedly making fun of Communion.  Here's the advertisement:

Now, first of all, let me say that I know that we Christians, Catholic or Protestant, come from a long line of people who have no sense of humor about Communion.  And clearly the ad is implying something like Communion, although if you watch carefully you'll see that the priest/minister/pastor never consecrates the food and that the marquee outside said "Free Doritos and Pepsi Max Sunday"... meaning that they were using it as an outreach rather than for communion.

If anything it seems to me that this ad could be seen as a joke against modern church outreach.  Let's be honest, if some church discovered that giving out Doritos upped their attendance by 20% they would write an article for Leadership Journal, get a book deal and start doing workshops for the church staff of other congregations about how to market their own Doritos giveaways.

Once a friend of mine and I were looking for communion elements in another country and we could only find blueberry juice and grape drink. We had to choose... which was the best drink to take the place of the wine?

Here's another commercial, one that made it to the finals, which might be offensive to certain naked people from the Garden of Eden:

Alright. You sat politely through my rant. What do you think? Should we be offended by commercials like these? Are Christians too thin skinned or do we let too many things in our culture slide?