Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jesus Vs. A Polar Bear: Important Theological Considerations

For those of you who have read Imaginary Jesus, you know there is an important scene in which one of the Imaginary Jesuses takes on a hungry bear on Mount Hood. I wanted to share this video, in which a vicar must help a child discover the answer to important questions like, "If a polar bear attacked Jesus, what would he do?" The answer just might shock you.


  1. Love it! Thanks!

    It reminds me a bit of Ask-A-Pastor night at AWANA. Most years he gets innocuous questions "How old are you?" "What's your favorite book of the Bible?", etc.

    Last year we prepped our boys, and so he got questions like "Is Song of Solomon about a man and his wife, or about Jesus and the church?" and "What's a foreskin? And why did David need a whole pile of them to get a wife?" and "Who were the Nephilim?"

  2. That is hilarious. How did the pastor respond?

  3. First of all, that was great. Second of all, why do we never see anything like that on American TV? It was edgy but not disrespectful. Although I've never seen the show as a whole.

  4. pongboy10:27 AM

    As I watch, I'm picturing Pastor Matt Mikalatos sitting across the table from these kids! This must be every pastor's worst nightmare! I love it! Totally hilarious! :D