Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Resolutions from Z.

I thought you would enjoy these New Year Resolutions from 9 year old Z.

If you can't make them out, here is what they are:

1) Work harder in school.
2) Read more.
3) Do more chores.
4) No candy canes for one day.
5) Help more around the house.
6) Work on my cursive writing.


  1. so much more enterprising than my sons from last year:

    "To change my underwear more often"

    Seriously. Thats what he told the school.

    worst part: he followed up by announcing that he had failed at his new years resolve.

    He thinks he hilarious.

    He is:)

  2. Ha ha ha. So awesome.

    That's gonna be my New Year Resolution also.

  3. Oh And he's 8 1/2 and the third child.. his brothers are in college-he's lucky he has underwear:P

  4. It's a goal. Aim High- Matt. Aim high.

    Oh.. and skip the "wolf" part of the potential new title... go with the undead.. so much more relevant. (Zombies FTW)

  5. pongboy10:38 AM

    This list could apply for most adults too, like me! She's very smart beyond her years! :)