Friday, January 14, 2011

Books In My Future

Not that I have a crystal ball or anything, but here are some books in my near future:

Start With Me: A Modern Parable1. Start With Me: A Modern Parable. Jared Yaple, part of the startproject, sent me a note about Imaginary Jesus once upon a time and then eventually offered to send me this book! WRITER PERK! It's on the stand next to my bed, which means it's in the near future for reading. Thanks, Jared!

Mean Streets2.  Mean Streets.  The fine folks at JABberwocky Literary Agency sent me a copy of this book because I asked them if I could have a copy.  How's that for amazing?  It's a book with four novellas in them, each of them a sort of noir detective urban fantasy, and each by a different author (showcasing one of their series characters).  Right now I'm reading the story of a down and out angel who pretends to be human to get to know the human race who is brought in on a case where it's discovered that Noah (yeah, that one) has been murdered.  It's a pretty fun read so far.

Home Fires3. Home Fires by Gene Wolfe.  As longtime readers of BHR know, I am a rabid Gene Wolfe fan, and I buy all his books the moment they hit the shelves.  This one comes out on the 18th, and I'm planning to buy it in celebration after I finish the new draft of That Book I'm Working On Which Will Hopefull Be Officially Named Next Week Sometime.  Because if I read it before then I won't be able to do anything else.  I would put the description here, about how two young lovers are parted because the lady is enlisted into an interstellar war only to be reunited a few months later (for her) and a couple decades later (for him) except that it doesn't really matter with Gene Wolfe, all you need to know is that We wants it precious, we wants it.

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  1. pongboy8:55 AM

    How in the world do you find the time to read all these books with all that you do in your life!? Are you some wizard-speed reader? I'm a really slow reader. The fastest book I ever read was the Bible--it took me a year! :D But it's nice that you help promote favorite authors too. :)