Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HOORAH! The New Novel Has Been Named! Let us celebrate with pretty charts and SCIENCE!

All respondants
I received a phone call yesterday from my dear friend and Publishing Bigwig Sarah Atkinson, who was calling to let me know that the name of my next book has officially been declared: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD CHRISTIANS.  Yay!

We have generated hundreds of names trying to make sure that the name we landed on was the best one (in fact, it may be a bonus feature in the future... some of the titles were hilarious but unusable).
People who had not read Imaginary Jesus
The three charts at left (you can click on them to see them in all their glorious biggeryness) show how people voted. The first chart is the survey overall, the second chart is only the people who had not read Imaginary Jesus, and the third is only the people who had read IJ. Many of you had strong opinions about the title, and in fact I have heard rumors that you guys made some people at Tyndale cry. For shame!
People who had read Imaginary Jesus.
Anyway, I'm thankful that Tyndale takes the title seriously and is hard at work making sure this book gets to the widest audience possible. IN FACT... the rumor on the street is that work on the possible covers starts tomorrow! I am excited.

In the meantime, if you're an information junkie, you can see the full survey with all the responses (minus contact information) here.

Thanks to all of you for participating in the survey. You are, of course, now obligated to buy ten to twelve copies each so you can give them to friends and say, "I helped title this book." Gracias.

Feel free to share your insights and opinions about the different populations and why you think they may have voted differently than others.