Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Your Animal Lesson of the Day

This photo was taken by Jason Kottke, who says he is not one to typically be squeamish but he was wigged out when he saw this little fella on his garbage can. It's a Coconut Crab, native to Guam and other Pacific Islands. They are really that big. And yes, they can open a coconut with one swipe of their claws. When you take into account Guam's snake problem, it's no longer surprising that the Guam Tourism Agency has chosen this slogan to advertise their country: "What's the Matter? Are You Afraid or Something You Big Scaredy Cat?"

Now, to counteract the creepy factor on BHR today, here's a Mexican Walking Fish:

Awww, isn't it cute? It's a kind of salamander. Looks like a Pokemon to me! I CHOOSE YOU MEXICAN WALKING FISH!

See more strange, creepy, disturbing and rare animals here. Via Boingboing.