Monday, December 08, 2008

Gnome Home

I spoke at Oregon State a few weeks ago and our friend Lindsey gave me an Oregon State gnome (which looks a little bit like the one on the left... the one on left being for Ohio. I have somehow lost the thing that lets me take pictures with my cell phone to put up here so I snagged this pic from elsewhere).
Anyway, much debating has taken place in my house. Is it a mascot for OSU? Is it Santa Claus? Is it meant to go on the Christmas tree? So far I am the only one who thinks it's supposed to go on the tree.
So today, before I left for a business trip, I snuck it onto the Christmas tree in an innocuous place. Here's the challenge I sent out to my family: If you can find and remove my gnome before I get home, then I'll keep it off the tree. But if you can't, then I get to keep it on the tree and move it to a place of honor near the star on the top.
Okay, it's a deal. You have until midnight tomorrow.

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