Monday, December 22, 2008

News From My Neighborhood

Snow To Go.  Some enterprising young lads walked through the neighborhood today, offering to shovel our driveway for "a couple of bucks."  As it happened we had five dollars.  So we asked the "salesman" on the porch if that was enough.  He looked to the street for secret signals, received the affirmative and he and his partner set to work.  A while later we started to feel guilty that each kid had done more than his two-fifty worth of work, so I went out and shooed them away. 

Master Bargainer.  The neighbor across the street paid twenty bucks to the same kids.  Yup.  Which brings us to the following rules: 1) Don't underestimate how little money it takes to motivate a teenager.  2) Being cheap is easier when you don't keep cash on hand.

The Fleet.  Several of our neighbors own snowmobiles and four wheelers.  This means that when they get home from work there is a great deal of snow-spurting four wheelers sliding through the neighborhood.

On a related note.  I saw some idiot kid trying to ride his motorcycle on the ten inches of snow on the main road.

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