Friday, December 19, 2008

Christamstime is here -- cue the crying

We woke this morning to a winter wonderland, the snow in the night covering everything except for the manhole covers which are apparently warmer than the street.

We woke this morning to the excited scampering of children, who flew to the windows, looked outside and shouted, "OH NO! I HOPE SCHOOL ISN'T CANCELED!"

I woke this morning and trudged down the stairs to discover that yes, school had been canceled.

I walked back up and told the kids, "No school today."


"No school today."


"No... school... today."

Cue the incessant crying. No school means no end-of-the-year Christmas party.

Now Z is in the back yard playing in the snow and A is inside looking at the Christmas ads from the newspaper. And we're hoping that our friends' wedding tonight doesn't get canceled!

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