Saturday, December 06, 2008

News From My Neighborhood

Total Eclipse of the Bar. One of the neighborhood "clubs" called Club Eclipse recently went out of business, which has drastically reduced the number of bikini-clad mud wrestlers around here. The building was subsequently rented or bought by a church called North Creek Church, which is interesting partly because that the name of the church we attended in California.

Old Habits Die Hard. Last night two police cruisers pulled over a couple of cars at North Creek Church.

Christmas Decorations Going Up. Christmas cheer is coming the neighborhood. My favorite Christmas moment so far is that our neighbor several doors down has put up "singing" lights at his house. They play electronic carols so long as the lights are on. He did this just for our benefit, I'm sure, because he is deaf. So that was a nice thought on his part.

Econobama. Our Ukranian neighbor couldn't make a living from laying tiles any more, so he's spending some time as a trucker (which is what he used to do). I saw him driving up in his big red cab today, and I had a pleasant moment, reflecting that he was back in the neighborhood. Welcome home, friend. I hope Pres-Elect Obama is going to figure out a way that you can get back to laying tiles and spending time with your family again.

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