Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Wave of Batmania Continues

There's been a lot of rumors going around about the next Batman movie, which is just silly because the director hasn't even signed yet. So while we wait, here's yet more Dark Knight to tide you over:


  1. I believe it was this very episode that spurred our colleague Shane Sebastian to a life of surfing and being a caped crusader... caped campus crusader that is.

    BTW, does the Joker say "Cowabunga, Cowabunga"? I thought that was the Ninga Turtles & Bart Simpson's line.

  2. Yeah, cowabunga started on the Howdy Doody Show and was adopted by the surfing community in the 60s/70s. TMNTs started in the 80s. So, I guess the answer is, yup, the Joker says Cowabunga, but only when he's surfing.


  3. Mr. Mikalatos you are a wealth of knowledge and information. We should deem you: 'Google'