Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At long last I am going to be filthy rich (as I deserve)

I got a little e-mail today from somebody that just shows I am going to be rich. And not in American money. In British money. Awwwww YEAH!

Here it is:

Good Day

I am Mr. Paul Wolfenden, Manager of ABN AMRO BANK 250 Bishopsgate, London
EC2M 4AA . I have a business proposal valued at GBP£21,000,000.00 (Twenty-One
Million Pounds) from my Branch.

Please, get back to me to enable me furnish you with full information
concerning this letter by email.


Paul Wolfenden.

I was curious. So I did a little checking and here is what I found:

1) Paul Wolfenden is real.

2) Despite the lack of vowels, ABN AMRO is real. Although it appears that Mr. Paul Wolfenden does not work for them.

3) I like how the author of this email puts the number of pounds in numerically followed by the paranthesis. I laughed about that for 30 seconds (thirty seconds).

4) Although the e-mailer tried to create a fake e-mail address, his real one came through. Mr. H McKinney of Austin Community College.... address = Uh oh. Don't think Austin CC is going to be happy about British "business" being done on the school server. I hope the spam crawlers don't find his address and send him a lot of junk mail. That would be just sad.

5) I suppose it could be Ms. H. McKinney. Or McKinne for that matter.

6) Anyone trying to get me involved in a twenty-one million pound business deal is insane. They cannot be trusted with what little money I have.