Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At long last I am going to be filthy rich (as I deserve)

I got a little e-mail today from somebody that just shows I am going to be rich. And not in American money. In British money. Awwwww YEAH!

Here it is:

Good Day

I am Mr. Paul Wolfenden, Manager of ABN AMRO BANK 250 Bishopsgate, London
EC2M 4AA . I have a business proposal valued at GBP£21,000,000.00 (Twenty-One
Million Pounds) from my Branch.

Please, get back to me to enable me furnish you with full information
concerning this letter by email.


Paul Wolfenden.

I was curious. So I did a little checking and here is what I found:

1) Paul Wolfenden is real.

2) Despite the lack of vowels, ABN AMRO is real. Although it appears that Mr. Paul Wolfenden does not work for them.

3) I like how the author of this email puts the number of pounds in numerically followed by the paranthesis. I laughed about that for 30 seconds (thirty seconds).

4) Although the e-mailer tried to create a fake e-mail address, his real one came through. Mr. H McKinney of Austin Community College.... address = Uh oh. Don't think Austin CC is going to be happy about British "business" being done on the school server. I hope the spam crawlers don't find his address and send him a lot of junk mail. That would be just sad.

5) I suppose it could be Ms. H. McKinney. Or McKinne for that matter.

6) Anyone trying to get me involved in a twenty-one million pound business deal is insane. They cannot be trusted with what little money I have.


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Thanks a bunch, i got that same e-mail. It seemed very fishy, thanks for the research mate.

  2. Anonymous7:46 PM

    You know, shouldn't you forward that to the Attorney General's office? especially if the guy's (gal's) actual e-mail address came through?

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Sorry. The above comment was from me. Hillary H. (Hillary H.)

  4. I don't even know the Attorney General... does he want my spam? No, really. I didn't know that. Why does one send one's spam to the AG?

  5. Anonymous7:07 PM

    This is the 2nd part of the email.
    The part he(she) sends when you get a bit curious..
    One question though, is it harmful when you reply to one of his(her) emails? (scared)

    250 Bishopsgate
    London EC2M 4AA

    Dear Intended Partner,

    This is to acknowledge the receipt of your detailed e-mail which was in response to my proposed transaction. Firstly, let me thank you for your response. Your role is basically to front as an account holder of the GBP£21,000,000.00 in my Bank, so as to put in claim for the fund and also you shall help in investing my money in your country, I am quite certain about that. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly, it shall pass through all Laws of International Banking, and you have my word. Having resolved to entrust this transaction into your hands, I want to remind you that, it needs your commitment and diligent follow up. If you work seriously, the entire transaction should be over in a couple of days.


    I am a Banker who knows the intricacies involved in a transaction of this nature and change of ownership of funds as regards this transaction. I will initiate all the necessary legal structure that will bestow on you, I will obtain a probate certificate and WILL fom the High court of Registry through my Attorney, certificate of deposit from this my bank, issued in your name, and this will make you the bonafide owner of the funds. Therefore, I will handle all aspects of this legal Paper work here that will ensure the release of the funds in your favor.

    Once l receive your approval to go ahead with this transaction, I will proceed to secure all legal documents and once this is presented to my Bank, an approval for the deposit will be issued in your name, you will be contacted by our affiliate payment bank here in Europe and the funds (GBP£21,000,000.00) will be paid to you through the correspondent bank that will be instructed by my Bank to make this payment directly to you. You may be required to supply your personal information for verification before the eventual transfer into your bank account. This will be disbursed or shared in these percentages, 60% to me and 40% to you.

    Please, take note that I have put in over 17 years as a Banker and as such wouldn’t want to compromise my career and family happiness, and will advice that you keep this highly confidential, and follow my instructions. If I could do this alone I would not have contacted you but the nature of this transaction requires the cooperation of a second person who is not known to my bank to stand as the beneficiary before this can be achieved, hence my contact with you. I believe you understand my position as l occupies a very sensitive position in the banking world.

    To commenced with this set object and arrive at the success of having this funds in your bank account, requires integrity, dedication, vision, absolute confidentiality, and collective responsibilities on the part of the partners involved in this transaction, it very imperatives that we remind ourselves that whatever that is worth doing is worth doing well. There may be challenges as it abound in every sphere of lives but let us be guided by the vision and excellence that will be achieved once this task is completed and this funds transfer to your bank account.

    Your information is required to enable us commenced with this transaction and I will advice you to provide me with the following

    (1).Your Full names as you will want to appears in documents relating to this funds
    (2).Your Telephone/ Fax number.
    (3).Your Address, (Home)

    The above required information will be used to initialized the legal structures that will facilitate the re-profiling of this funds in your name and I await your urgent response to enable us proceed.

    Looking forward for your response to proceed.
    Mr. Paul Wolfenden
    TEL: +44-704-573-4070
    TEL: +44-701-115-7601

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  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    This is the third email... I'm awaiting further instructions... I'll be rich soon!!

    I herewith acknowlegde the receipt of your reponse and your approval to proceed, all modlities have been put in place for a safe transfer of these funds to your local bank account. All I require from you is your total dedication and trust to see this transaction through, i believe you understand the Intricacies involved in the nature of this transaction considering my career as a banker. Be advised that a new account will be opened in your name so that these funds already in a suspense account will be transferred to the new account before the eventual transfer to your local bank account of your choice for both of us.

    However, i will immediately forward your personal details to the attention of the bank. Therefore, I shall apply for a certificate of deposit from my bank and also execute a Power of Attorney/Letter of Administration for change of ownership/re-assignment of credit of the funds (GBP£21,000,000.00) to your name. More so, my Attorney will commenced with the re-profiling/re-documentation process in your name at the probate registry to enable the proper filing application for the release of this funds to you.

    I have intimated the attorney to help us put up an application and secure all the necessary documents that will confer on you as the beneficiary of these funds. Note also that all modalities have been put in place for a hitch free transfer of these funds to you, also be remided that no tax is levied in the course of acquiring this funds to you. This registration at the probate registry will make these claims unchallengeable by any authority whatsoever and the WILL, Letter of Administration/ Probate Certificate and other documents which shall be passed to the payment bank. It is note worthy to inform you that we cannot afford to be careless at this point we are now in this transaction and therefore you have to be up and doing and let me know if there is suggestion/questions pertaining this process that you will like me to clear as we have enter into a crucial stage in this transaction. "I guarantee you that this transaction does not attract any side Effect or any breach of law, you have my word".

    Please acknowledge receipt of this mail as you read missive and do get back to me if you require any changes from your detailed information already secured to me.

    I await your urgent respond for us to proceed.

    Best regards,

    Mr. Paul Wolfenden
    TEL: +44-704-573-4070
    TEL: +44-701-115-7601