Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Absentia

I'm headed south on a little trip to Costa Rica tonight at midnight (or is that tomorrow morning at midnight?) and I'm not sure what sort of time/internet I will have for blogging, so I've scanned in some pages from my seven-year-old daughter's journal that she wrote in school this year. When I get back I'll try to make sure to have something wonderful to say about travel, Costa Rica, or guanabana.

Z's first post will go up tomorrow morning, and there will be at least one post from her each day I'm out of town.

I know you will enjoy them. She's a talented, interesting little person.

And, since I know that my second daughter, A, will see this and want a chance to put something on the blog, I'm sure you'll see a little something from her in the next couple of weeks as well.

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