Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Best. Wife. Ever.

Krista came home today from an outing with the kids and brought me home a BOOK! For no reason other than she was thinking of me.

Books are my "love language" (although most people don't include this on official love language lists, the fact remains).

Especially when it is a book like this one.

You know this is a good book because I can flip it open randomly and find lines like these:

"Acid in the face is no fun."

"Can it, for God's sake, Johnny. You're not a punk yet."

"Listen, you cheap grifter! Keep your paws down, see! Tinhorns are dust to me! Dangle!"

The book: Raymond Chandler's "Pickup On Noon Street." I can't find an image of the cover online, so guess I'll have to scan it in for you later.

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