Thursday, June 05, 2008

News From My Neighborhood

Make New Friends. A pair of yellow warblers has moved into our maple tree. They have a lovely nest all settled in the higher branches, and, I trust, some tiny little eggs. Of course we will update you. The maple tree, by the way, is one that I planted when we first moved in, and it has at least doubled in height. It's certainly my favorite tree (please don't tell the other trees in our yard). It's beautiful in every season, grows quickly, casts a cool and pleasant shadow, and I like to go outside and project upon it all the Good Feelings I can muster.

And Keep the Old. The youngest Ukranian girl next door has been coming over pretty much every day to hang out with A and Z. She's rapidly becoming a family favorite as she entertains the girls and is a pleasant young lady. Krista was invited into the neighbor's house for tea today as a result, somehow, of the deeper relationship between our kids. Nice to be making a deeper connection. Of course I forgot the Mother's name today (I called her "Nadia"). Krista laughed and told me that I was making a mistake in assuming that every Slavic woman was named Nadia.

One Is Silver. If you recall the silver car that kept getting marked by the police... well, that roommate moved out from across the street, so her car is gone now.

And the Other is Gold. I don't really have anything to say about gold. Um. Hmmmm. The compost pile has a giant weed with yellow flowers growing over the top of it. But I wouldn't call that news, precisely.

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